At Codladh Sámh we value our Health Care Assistants (HCAs). We support them through training and ongoing development. We look at each staff member’s skills and match these skills to the clients’ care needs. We are aware that oftentimes HCAs have other caring commitments and demands associated with family life, hence, we do our best to facilitate them with flexible rosters. .

Our HCAs are never disturbed when working with a client. We understand the importance of the client/HCA relationship and the need for one-to-one attention when working with clients. We make sure to give the HCA adequate time with the client to complete the tasks outlined in the care plan. Our minimum one-hour visit policy ensures that clients are properly cared for and staff are not rushed. While the task is the important aspect of the care plan, additional quality time spent with the client benefits their overall well-being.

Our HCAs are supported throughout their working day with Senior Management.only a phone call away. We use state of the art software called NurseBuddy allowing our HCAs to remain in contact with the Codladh Sámh team from the convenience of their mobile phones.

We are always on the lookout for new HCAs and encourage you to apply now if you feel you are the right fit for our company.

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