We provide family-centred home care, creating professional and customised home care packages which recognise the dignity of the client and the value of family participation. We aim to build a trusting relationship and ensure peace of mind for those involved.

Personalised Care Plans

Our trained and dedicated Healthcare Assistants support people with incontinence care needs so they can live independent lives. Whether you require assistance with personal care, catheter, bowel or stoma care, we can provide support from the comfort of your home. We assist with the activities of daily living (ADLs) including bathing, dressing, grooming and other personal care needs.

Codladh Sámh Teoranta is like an extension of my family. Since day 1, with their familiarity of staff and relaxed and friendly manner, my Dad is happy. And if my Dad is happy, we’re very very happy. Thanks for everything

– Karen, Cork.


Kitty and Willie were married 65 years when Kitty fell ill. Willie became her full-time carer. It began to take a toll on his health. They both were worried about being separated. The memories of the good old days formed part of their daily routine, reminiscing on their wedding song “Here Comes the Bride” and the blue costume she wore on the day. Photographs hung on the walls of every room. Their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren frequented the cottage on a regular basis. The once filled pot of potatoes was a thing of the past, as was Willy’s ability to drive. Life was becoming overwhelming.

With the support of Codladh Sámh and Willie and Kitty’s children, a care plan was drawn up ensuring that Kitty and Willie had all the support they needed to live out their live in the manner in which they were accustomed to.

My mother Siobhan Cronin has received excellent care from Codladh Sámh each Sat/ Sun for the past two years in her own home. This is of great comfort to me to know my mother is so well cared for as I live in Dublin. The resources provided by Codladh Sámh have enabled my mother to continue living in her own house, for which she is most grateful, as are my siblings.

– Pat Cronin, Dublin, January 2017.

Social Interaction

Jim lived alone at home after his wife Katie passed away. All of his children lived abroad. He avoided going out and meeting friends and family as Katie had gone everywhere with him in the past. Jim got a call from the local day care centre who invited him to come along to see the activities that they carried out. At first, he refused saying he was no longer happy driving and had no way of getting there. Codladh Sámh, who had helped with Katie’s end of live needs, suggested that they drove him. He was greeted by a member of his former bowls club and soon settled in and even began to look forward to the day out. On the days he went to the centre, he was up before the Codladh Sámh carer arrived and ready to go out the door. Thanks to this support, Jim began to go out more often and soon he began to drive himself and the carer to the centre.

We wanted to care for my dad at home so Codladh Sámh started working with us in March 2018. I cannot give Catherine and all her staff enough credit and praise for the care they provide to him daily. It is truly exceptional, and all her staff are very professional and friendly. My dad is totally relaxed in their company and he looks forward to them coming every day. They have eased a lot of pressure for us as a family which we are very grateful for. They are now like part of our family and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Jackie Cameron – Blackrock, Cork

Dementia Care

Mary’s family worried about her since she started forgetting things and repeated the same story over and over again. They wanted to keep her home where she was familiar with her surroundings. After a meeting with Mary, Codladh Sámh’s Care Manager, a plan was drawn up to ensure that Mary had carers that were suitable for her care needs and a support to her family in helping her to stay at home. A Codladh Sámh carer, trained in disability care, was introduced to Mary and a task list comprising singing, short walks, picking flowers from her garden and reading Alice Collins “To school through the fields” – one of her favourite books, was drawn.

Codladh Sámh plays a big part in our Dad’s life. We changed from previous carers because we were not happy with new staff being introduced on a monthly basis. My dad sees the same familiar faces week after week. Too many changes disturb him. We as a family have always respected our dad very highly and Catherine and her staff continue to do the same. They are very caring and very loving towards him, and his home still feels very homely to him. Although my dad has dementia he is still made feel that he is the master of his house and he deserves that.

Nikki, Carrigaline, Co. Cork.

Family Support

Paddy’s and Bridie’s family struggled in coming to terms with the changes that had taken place over the previous year. Isolation had taken it’s toll on their Mam and Dad. Paddy stopped driving. Bridie no longer went to her weekly appointment at the hairdressers. Their shopping was left in the porch by one or other family member every Friday. They no longer saw their grandchildren. The family stressed on what they could do to bring some joy back into their lives. Mary, Paddy’s and Bridie’s daughter contacted Codladh Sámh. Colette, their Care Manager, outlined how they adhered to the HSE guidelines in relation to providing safe care and explained how they used PPE in all activities. This gave Mary confidence in arranging an appointment for Paddy and Bridie to meet Colette. They agreed a care plan which would support Paddy and Bridie in their activities of daily living. They put particular emphasis on the social aspect including walks for Paddy in the local park and hair care for Bridie. They also supported the family giving them access to the Family Portal of their management system where they could see who was with Paddy and Mary and what activities they were undertaking. In no time again Paddy was back driving and taking Mary to her hairdresser appointment every Friday.

When Mum died unexpectedly in 2013, we were devastated by her loss and also as she was the main carer with us for Dad… Catherine Fennell aka Nanny McPhee and her incredible team from Codladh Sámh set up a great system for Dad and he wanted for nothing, apart from my Mum… Dad died in his own bed with all of us around him, including Catherine who nursed us as well as Dad through this very sad time. We can never thank Catherine, Martha, Ann, Annemarie, Margueite, Lucy and Debbie enough, you are blessed and always in our hearts.

– Bobby Wain, Dundalk, Co. Louth.

Primary Care Team

A Primary Care Team (PCT) is a multidisciplinary group of health and social care professionals who work together to deliver local, accessible health and social services to a defined population of people at ‘primary’ or first point of contact with the health service.

PCTs provide a holistic approach to community needs on a social, welfare, housing, education and health needs basis. Primary Care Teams provide a ‘one-stop’ approach and can meet or arrange the vast majority of the care needs the public will need. A typical primary care team consists of GPs, nurses, home helps, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. All the team’s health care professional’s work together to share information and their respective skills to ensure that patients with the greatest need receive services in a timely and coordinated way. Codladh Sámh work closely with Primary Care Teams in Cork to support the needs of their elderly clients and people with a disability.

Step Down Care

James had been recovering well in hospital after his heart surgery. He was now walking up and down the corridor unaided. His wish now was to get home. He knew he would need some kind of support as he was living on his own. He had no living relation to support and did not want to depend on his neighbours and friends. The hospital Discharge Coordinator asked him to speak to a representative of Codladh Sámh. She explained that they supported people in their transition from hospital to home. She assured him that they were there to ensure he settled back home and that it was for a short time until he felt confident that he had returned to his former self. Joanna, Codladh Sámh Care Manager, met James and together they drew up a plan for 1 month which covered all aspects of daily living including personal care, socialisation and meal preparation. One month later, James was able to look after himself independently. He stuck Codladh Sámh brochure on the fridge in the event of him needing any support in the future.

My name is Jean Buckley. My parents Nick and Eileen Hayes are now under full-time care at home. … A number of years ago my father had his first leg amputated which changed the whole situation at home. Then in June of this year, he got his second leg amputated and we had to involve professional carers. This was when we met Catherine Fennell from Codladh Sámh Teoranta. … we have never looked back since then…

– Jean Buckley, Rochestown Road, Cork.

End Of Life Care

Mike was a gentleman. He had only a short time left to live. Maisie, his wife wanted him to come home from the hospital to spend his last days with his family. She found visiting the nursing home very distressing. She knew he would not settle. The HSE contacted Codladh Sámh and asked if they had carers to look after Mike equipped with end-of-life skills. The following day Mike’s room was set up in what was his living room. A profiling bed, commode and personal care items were in place. Codladh Sámh briefed Maisie in how they would support her and Mike with gentle and dignified care. They assured them that they were there 24/7 and reminded them of the importance of the family having their own private time together. With the support of Codladh Sámh carers and the local hospice team, Mike took his last breath in his own bedroom surrounded by his loving wife Maisie and their three children.

Back in September 2016, my 2 sisters and I realised that Mum needed more professional care at home as we were all in England. We contacted Codladh Sámh and were so pleased we did as Catherine, Yvonne and Leah cared for Mum, as they would have done their own, for her last two months. Mum died peacefully at home, with the cat fast asleep on her bed surrounded by her family. Catherine and her team kept us in close contact on a day to day basis when required during Mum’s last two months and let us know when Mum was deteriorating which enabled 2 of us to get home and nurse Mum for ourselves for her last 48hours with Catherine and her team supporting us when required. Nothing was too much trouble and we will all be eternally grateful to Codladh Sámh and would recommend them to anyone who needs friendly care at home in the future.

Daphne, Cork. November 2016.

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